Summer Preview-2009

As always, im excited for summer, last year's theme was White Heat, this year im takin it to the West Coast with California Crush. Here are a few images of what will eventually culminate into my summer wardrobe. Bon Chic!

American Apparel, enough said

a mean high waist and a sweet tank top(AND a beautiful face)


bike riding (just you wait)

floral prints and a pretty smile

strapless dresses and simple sandals


Wedges, perfectly golden sunkissed skin!

Natural hair (duh)

cutoff shorts, brown sunglasses (versus typical black)
(also maybe a fedora or two..)

nix the cig, the coffee and the shoes, all i want are the rolled shorts

messenger bags, LINEN

Printed Dresses, knitted and leather bracelets, and angel wing shoulders(right)

shorts and heels

Ambiguity amd Adrogyny

i cant wait for summer. *sigh*

images courtesy of The Sartorialist

ciao, sal.

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