A million and one


Airwaves: Chariot of Fire - N.E.R.D.
"I'm searchin for a way back...but I'm lookin through a peephole"
(This song has been on my ipod for years but Georgi finally put me onto
it while I was in Atlanta, it reminds me of her:)

I have not forgotten about Long, Tall Sally!!!! I've just been super
incredibly obnoxiously terribly busy!!!! I've been campaigning for my
trip to Haiti this summer, I've been doing tons of volunteer work and
work at the School, and I just recently got back from a week in Atlanta,
so all in all, May has been a pretty jam packed month! While i was in
ATL I got to visit with some of my favorite people on the planet, visit
MLK's house, eat HEARTILY (ha!) AAAAAAND go to Sweet Auburn Fest!!! But
more about all of that throughout the remainder of the week, since my
camera is still M.I.A. I didn't get very many pictures but I have plenty
o' memories to share with you! But I also have to be perfectly honest
with yall, because my schedule is so demanding, I WON'T be able to
update RSR EVERY day, lol so don't look for it!! But I will definitely
be back with atleast one Cab Confessional a week, and also Drive In
Features, anything that happens in between is in between, and because I
usually get a camera every year for my birthday, after July 1st, we'll
be back on track people! But thanks so much for your love, requests,
demands, and harassments, you guys are THEE best!!!! RSR is all about
you and it will continue to be...so...WHO'S NEXT???

Ciao, Sally!

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