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World Tour!

airwaves: Simple Kind of Life - No Doubt
"and all the simple things are simply too, complicated for my life, so i guess im faithful to my freedom, a selfish kind of life"
(my life's theme)

hey everyone! im typing to you from Greensboro, North Carolina, in the midddlle offff nowwhherreee!!!! Dont get me wrong now, i LOVE the country. im a country girl at heart and really have no problem adapting to my surroundings, but there is SOMETHING about North Carolina that i hate hahaha, it would just never be a place that i would sit and think "Hey! I Know! lets go to NORTH CAROLINA!" but you know me, ill go wherever the wind blows, and the winds have blown me south so that i could come and see my little cousin graduate from high school, so of COURSE i came. All ive really done since being here has gone skating..and eat barbecue. which im totally fine with:) I havent roller skated in YEEARS so it was refreshing to get back on wheels, and since ive realized what an amazing workout it is, youll probably catch me at the Roller rinks weekly, on Old School night of course. But im not here to talk about North Carolina, but ATLANTA!!!!


As much as i despise LIVING in ATL, i loooove a good visit. I spent the week with my beloveds Georgi and Ambriah, stayed with Alphonzo, hung out with Patrick, fell back in love with Julian, visited my brother Byron, and remembered to find myself in the process. It was amazing, and even though my poor camera is STILL out of commission, i always manage to get a new one ofor my birthday! so we'll see how that goes:) But i just wanted to show you a few shots of my travels, the Summer 2009 World Tour continues! Next Stop: HAITI!!!

my alltime favorite RestarauntPAPI'S!! I always talk about Papi's
they serve the BEST cuban food in atlanta,
and when i was homesick for Daddy's cooking,
this is where i went to get a little taste of home!

Right After Papi's is Lil 5 Pizza, best slices in atlanta
Alphonzo had the Calzone and i had Cicilian Chicken and Pineapple
Cant get that in Akron, OH!

Can you tell i LOVE to eat? We went to the Varsity too

My Beloved Ambriah and Georgi aka Heather.
at WILLY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!
we LOVE mexican!

The plaque in front of MLK's house..yall know
how i feel about feet photos! this was PERFECT!

The house MLK was born in! Amazing!!
Breakfast in Bed,
Alphonzo made this for me my first morning in
ATL, ill never forget it! it was delicious!!

Wonderful Friends.
Amazing Travels.
Thats what Ride Sally Ride is all about.
Ciao, Sal.

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