airwaves: Footsteps in the Dark - The Isley Brothers
"ive been hearin footsteps baby iiin thee darrrk"
(because the isley brothers ALWAYS signify the start of summer)

this past saturday i got to spend some quality time with my beloved nieces, Niya and Zoe!! After making them sit through a closing ceremony with me, i took my babies to McDonald's, the library, the park to watch the duckies, the mall for some shopping, then to get some ice cream, and fiiiinally, at 11pm, i carried baby Zoe through the door and put her in the bed while i painted Niya's nails (purple and orange). Needless to say Zoe was ticked that she missed out but i promised to get her next time i come over, it was nice spending some time with my "Little Lions" as i call them, here are a few of the shots from the day!

Niya was throwing up the deuce i guess

thet smashed me out the pic.

pose for the camera now click. click.

ice cream. we go hard.

nice day

Niya Simone


my little lions:)
what a lovely day, i hope you guys get to spend time with your loved ones like i do,
theyre always the most important people:)
ciao, sal

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