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Thriller Album 25th Anniversary Edition - Michael Jackson
Off The Wall Album - Michael Jackson
The Jackson 5's Greatest Hits - The Jackson 5
Well all...yesterday, not only the music world, but the world as a whole lost one of it's brightest stars. Musical genius, Michael Joseph Jackson. Im not going to go into a long and sad recollection of his life and what it meant to me but know this, that even though i wasnt there to see MJ in his prime first hand, i definitely saw his legacy through my mother, aunts, and uncles. my mom used to tell me that when i was in her belly she would put head phones on it and let me listen to the great "ones" which included The Gloved One, (Michael Jackson) The Purple One (Prince, his clean stuff!) and the Blind One, (Stevie Wonder) all makes sense because theyre allll MAJOR influences on my life and my 3 all time favorites. So through this sadness and mourning (i definitely cried and ceased to function when i heard the news!) Remember the legacy that Michael left us, one of Music, Hope, Love, and happiness. Life is far far too short, not to have a good time, Besides! It aint so bad at all...

Live your life Off The Wall.

Rest In Peace Michael....We'll Never Forget You!!!

ciao, Sal.

P.S. A little joyous news? NO DOUBT ON MONDAY!!!:)

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