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airwaves: son of a preacherman - dusty springfield.
"Lord knows to my surprise the only one who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacherman.."
(i dont know whyyyy this song is stuck in my head but i love it regardless)

weeeeelcome to monday. im sooooo siked about this week, im puttin on FIVE OF MY..FAVORITE GUYS. AND my spring break officially begins on THURSDAY...better yet..WEDNESDAY AT 3:15!!!!. thank GOODNESS. because im starting to lose my mind, and i definitely need a break. in other good news, i got stopped at the shops the other day and offered a job doing make-up..bigggg ups to phylicia for introducing me to her boss, and i, before knowing who she was, called her a mermaid..more specifically, the little mermaid, ariel. ha! but she didnt seem to mind, she gave me a really cool bestey johnson-ish vibe and also loved the way i did my face and offered me a position SO..we shall see how that goes...hopefully somewhere, i need another fun job in my life :) buuuut. let me get to the reason for today post, since RSR is CLEARLY about you all, and never me(smiley face) this week is called "Five of My...Favorite Guys". Ill be featuring five of my alltime favorites, in personal miniviews, cab confessionals, pics, etc..so somewhat like spring fling week but not really about the fashion, but more about the person. Today's guy is JULIAN E. STREETE ( i DID take it there with the government, but im sure he wont mind) sooo lets get to it:)

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