What a


airwaves: try a little tenderness - otis redding
"Squeeze her, don't tease her, never leave her..just try...a little tenderness"
(Because its my favorite song to dance to)

What an AMAZING week this has been, I got ballet tickets and twizzlers on monday AND had a make-up party with part one of the bobsey twins, tuesday I got to update my mad decent radio poodcasts FINALLY, and I managed to get food poisoning from the chinese restaurant down in the plaza(I should've known better though, chinese ALWAYS sends me under) sooo wednesday I got some much needed sleeptime, and watched Avatar all day, (yet again, I could sworn I was an adult) yesterday I got to hang out with the homie W.K. at Revival, Square Records(where they have they bowls made out of old vinyl, if they had a Prince one you know I would've bought it) and then down at Canal Park...which was nice...until we saw a RAT the size of a football swimming in the water, needless to say I fell over laughing, that's only the kind of thing you'd see in a city like Akron, like this beautiful pure(kidding) stream, and like a kid, I thought it was a beaver and went in for a closer look and God goes..."JUST KIDDING! Its a rodent the size of master splinter" yessss. And now its friday...its raining but its 60 degrees outside so ill take it, but all in all, a really good week it was. Next week will FINALLLYYY begin the new season of Cab confessionals and I've got some really excellent people lined up, rappers, hipsters, popsters, and mobsters...just wait and see, its going to be [insert appropriate adjective here]. So as I'm sitting here watching the 5th graders play MASH (remember that stupid game?) on the chalkboard, I'm thinking of new adventures that need to be had, people to featured, music to be listened to, and most importantly food to eat.

Ill be sure to keep you updated.

ciao, sal

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