i had my

slave braids in.

official..."Coventry Kid Sweethearts"

One of the nicest guys ever...Big Sean

Dont ask why we all had on yellow...not planned.

The Boutique

here go the rings i was talkin about..


  1. revdoritekanyeandre3bundles15/4/09 14:54

    1. impressive shots, kid. 2. i'm too cool for school. i should have skipped on the soc paper and attended this soiree. 3. the term "slave braids" is offensive. and my ancestors would be offended. wreck it or check it.


  2. so THAT'S why u was at the Cov!!! I ain't know Sean was gon be there that night, but I do remember him being in town. I gotta hit up H&S after i pay off this credit card bill hahahaha!!! I been flexing the stuntin skills too hard!

  3. love, you look famazing! as always!


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