airwaves:anything possible - dj mehdi
"ill cross the seas and rivers they wrote, ill live the dream my mother land holds...anything possible"
(this song is always so perfect when its raining out)

*sssssssssttttttttrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeetch* yawn...oh! hey! how you been? :) i missed you..seriously i did. im FINALLY back all, i know i was gone for almost two weeks but, duty (i.e. spring break) called, and i took a break from quite litrally (i spelled it like that on purpose cus thats how i sound when i say it) everything and got myself to gether. i got some good news, some bad news, some okay news, and even lovelier, sommore good news. so all in all, my spring break was pretty boss. I got time to figure out exactly what it is that I want to not only do with my blog, but to do with my life. Do you think its lame I came up with a mission state for Ride Sally Ride? LOL...its mission is to "Peek into the lives of the average boy and girl, and to learn their passions and personalities. Ride Sally Ride is a showcase of the everyday adventures of a woman on a life-long journey, and the people and places that she discovers along the way." Im really proud of how far along the bloggy has come i really hope to develop it as an anthropological website at its finest, but also at its simplest. You'll never find an ad on here telling you to visit a website to buy something, however you will find people who you never imagined actually existed, and luckily for me, a lot of these people happen to be my friends. When i came up with the concept of RSR, it was originally going to be a fashion blog and one about my own personal life but when you think about it..a. how many fashion blogs already exist and b.who the heck wants to read about ME all day? i think its kindve vain and you get a little tired reading about my ups and downs often...and then people get tired of reading..etc etc. so i thought.."hey..why not feature all the awesome people i know, but still give a little of myself as well?" People were often asking me why i didnt have a blog and for a while it was because i ddint really have things to to blog about, and then, the name Mustang Sally came about. My dad had said something about it one day, calinng me "Short Small" instead of "Long Tall" and i thought it was funny, this was also about the same time i moved home so it was definitely time for something fresh. So i took Mustang Sally and absolutely ran with it, its even funnier how now when people see me that typically call me "Mustang" or "Sally" and i like it, its not a Sasha Fierce in a sense where shes a totally different person, its just me, going by a different, and cleverer name. Im not sure why i felt the need to share all of this with you but i think its becuase im making up for lost time last week, and a lot certainly did happen, but the worst being that i LOST MY MEMORY STICK FOR MY CAMERA...AHHH!!!! Who am i without my life capturer? *sigh* looks like ill have to cowboy up and buy a new one, not a big deal but, its pretty annoying. In other news, i am so very pleased to announce that on July 14, 2009, RIDESALLYRIDE WILL BE GOING INTERNATIONAL!!!! YEP! God is allowing me to expany my horizons and to reach a milestone for RSR. I'll be in Haiti from July 14th-28th on a missions trip, and i plan on bringing the blog right along with me, im sooo ridiculously excited because after Haiti i'll be on my way to....MOZAMBIQUE...thats right, the MOTHERLAND snitches!!! im so excited, like..cant breathe excited, and i shall keep you all posted on how passport, shots, etc etc goes. but i cannottt wait, to take pictures, talk with, talk about, and experience the Caribbean. Its going to be the ultimate...but enough about me..lets get back to you...whats up NEXT?

ciao, sal

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