i know im a


airwaves: feel good inc. - gorillaz
"windmill windmill full of life..."
(its like a summer tease for me to listen to this song)

oooooooooooooooooooomg. guys.
guys guys guys. Im sorry. i know last week was supposed to be five of my favorite guys BUUUUUT...i got caught up in the reverie of spring break. and i completely forgot on friday...hahaha SO SO SO much has gone on, this past weekend was pureee isnanity, and im so grateful for the complete and utter madness of it all!!! My dad got us a dog on friday, a lil shih tzu puppy..hes super cute now but is probably gonna get uglier as he gets older and his hair gets longer lol. but i have named him Cato (everyone else calls him buster for some reason) aaaand i pretty much love him..except for the fact that he poops every where. but whatver, im not giving excuses...just REASONS for my absence. ha. So friday was insane..didnt even do a drive in good GRIEF im slipping..but saturday also had me on turbo running around, getting ready for my baptism on sunday, grocery shopping, blah blah blah ALL the boring details i know you dotn want to hear so im not going to go into a schpiel about it. buuuuut sunday was all the amazing, heart and sole had this meet n greet at their boutique for a rapper from G.O.O.D. so britt, manno, and i decided to take the drive up to see waht the hype was about..while the crowd was not really anything id like to hang around longer than an hour( there was very little personality in the room..everybody was TOO COOL to speak) we DID get to meet the guy who we had come to see in the first place...all unbeknowest to me. we had tucked away in a corner and were chatting amongst ourselves when this random(and fine) fella came and shook all our hands and slummed it with us for a minute. i had know idea who he was, i noticed a.his jesus piece and commented and laughed about it b.his adorable height..no more than like..5'7 and c. these RIDICULOUS rings he had on..being the coquettish young lady that i am, i politely pulled one off his finger and took a picture with him, it was cool, we proceeded to chat it up, i told him about the blog, gave him the link and THEN asked him his name..."Sean" and i was like..oh okay, and simply moved on. Upon coming back to the posse they were like..."Sal...that was def Big Sean, the rapper we came to see"...Lord, Lord...why must i be so dense? But he was super cool about it, gave me a hug, signed my juice box, etc etc so. all in all it was a good day. all i have to show for it right now though are a few pictures from The Coventry Kids blog that Roderick took, Britt was the only one with a camera so hopefully she can be a G and send me those so i can post them later on..Sorry this was soooooo long but, i had to get that out there..i thought it was funny, sooo real shout outs to Big Sean, thanks for signing my juicy juice box, i know it was hella random but...thats just me:)

SO check out big sean's website..you download his mixtape Finally Famous riiight here
peep the heartnsole/coventry kids blog here for the rest of the pics

aaaaaand. really i think thats it. im goign to go enjoy my spring break now

Ciao, Sal

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