Spring Scene #1 EJL

sally and i often converse about our personal style and our intentions for it.
(its true, its the main thing we talk about)

it’s very easy to look avant-garde in akron (oh) but I like to dress how I want to world to perceive me. l.t.sally frequently calls me the ‘modern sophisticate’ and I think that that phrase is an accurate interpretation. these next two seasons, i will run with that theme once again

….i will call it modish timelessness.

let me start off by saying that this spring and summer will be an interesting season for me because;

1.) i will be 25 years old
2.) my tastes have changed dramatically
3.) I will be 25 years old

blending new color combinations with classic elements is the game plan. i think it may be time to grow up….

s/s 09 you will see me in...

seersucker, khaki/chino suits, and shorts suits ~ a crisp, clean summer look
…sweaters ~ shawl necks, v-necks, crew necks, turtlenecks, cardigans (full length and sleeveless) and everything else in between. from here on out, it’s about me. i believe that one should dress for themselves, and i want to play with textures and see what i can get away with
button downs ~ short sleeve and long sleeve – i see potential…shorts ~ paired with the unexpected; sweaters and blazers. tailored (to just above the knee) and casual
….depending on the destination …different colors ~ self – explanatory
black ~ contradictory?
classic/simple sneaks ~ vans (lace ups), converse, supras, blazers – i have a small yet budding collection that is prospectively beastly if i say so myself
great s/s shoes ~ saddle shoes, suede bucks, sperry’s – you get the picture
…and purple suede drivers
v.neck tees ~ I have worn them in previous years, but always under a jean jacket (which i will also be reviving this s/s) but never alone – not a risk for some, but i’m challenging myself (rite sally?) (Right!)
bare ankles ~ there is something so simple, yet so multifaceted about a bare ankle in the summer (on men) – easy to do but yet still problematic in execution
…which leads me to …short pants ~ rolled bottoms and even cropped – no clam diggers or capris, just slacks/trousers tailored to be above the ankle
unexpected details ~ watch closely
tattoos ~ my first (and maybe second)
accessories ~ patterned umbrellas, carrying bags (when needed), coats and jackets, metal band watches, cloth belts, unexpected socks, and a BURBERRY (novacheck) DRIVING CAP

s/s 09 you will not see me in
jorts ~ please retire them
…unstructured linen ~ my body type requires certain structured elements that a lot of linen cannot provide
denim ~ this is going to be tough. denim has always been an easy fallback for me. as i seek to grow (up) I am going to need to stretch myself – that means more pants, slacks, trousers, and shorts…pray for me…although it shouldn’t be too hard seeing as i don’t own any denim bottoms. growing and changing is never easy but the creativity that i will muster will be invaluable – but I will wear white denim
the norm ~ as stated before, I an going to be experimenting with color, texture, pattern, and an assortment of various elements

s/s 09 i will also be in
acog arlington church of god (because we live here)
yepaw – i love da kids
new places – iTravel
…newness of body, mind, & spirit – stay tuned
cultural venues ~ museums, galleries, book stores, live concerts, new restaurants
…last but not least, the WORD of GOD

s/s 09 you will not catch me in
the club
…other extracurricular ridiculousness – think about it

wham bam,

the Man.
(editors notes written in italics)

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