Spring Scene #1 EJL

now you know, EVERYBODY who is featured on L.T. Sally....

MUST do a cab confessional:)

Who are your top 3 influences fashionwise?
umm…andre 3000, marc jacobs, kanye west (pre-craziness), fonzworth bentley; corny i know but i enjoy the color combinations and the mixing of the new with the old
(yes to the pre-crazy kanye)

How about musically?
i LOVE music, but SOME honorable mentions go to tye tribbett, brandy, andre 3000, coldplay, the cambraidge singers, kim burrell, the real group, the gerswins, john williams, and the list goes on…
(i really despise brandy. blech)

Favorite place to shop locally?
beachwood place, legacy village, crocker park, internet

Shoes you're wearing right now
pink lace-up vans

Bracelet or watch?
un reloj

Necklace or scarf?
scarf…but willing to experiment

Classic Rock or Modern pop?
both…depends on the whim that moment

entrepreneur - stylist, public relations, restaurateur, boutique owner, singer, mogul…but ‘things’ seem to be pointing me in another direction…care to elaborate sally?
(Oh Emmanuel..Youre going to be a TEACHER!!!!)

Last movie you watched
slumdog millionaire…a must see (own)
(yeeeeeessssss! mustang's fave movie)

Favorite blog(s)/websites to browse..
ridesallyride, thebkcircus, thesartorialist, digslifeofthejetsetter, mensrag, facebook (i know), lateboots, shopping (wishful and actual)

Song stuck in your head right now?
rhapsody in blue…random but i was seriously just singing it

If you could have a comeback album from any artist...who would it be?
nt sure…im very indecisive…sorry

The first concert you ever went to
mtv trl tour – dream, eve, nelly, solange, and headlined by destiny’s child…I was pumped

The dumbest thing you've ever done
not the dumbest but its funny ~ my family calls me asian/chinese (for reasons unbeknownst to me) and to prove to them I was not I began reciting words with ‘L’s’…llllike, llllove, llllive, llllife, etc….they laughed hysterically
(im stilllllll laughing)

I see the person you’ve grown to be, but not who you were before..what was it that changed your life to get where you are now?
God, life happenings, maturity

go ahead...give a few shout outs
my main man JC! my family; cliff, claire, theo, and rudy! my extended family; joseph, justine, angela, vanessa, daniel jr, joe jr, russel jr, and miley…oh, and I Kant forget … Yo Nupe!

Finally....last famous words
i’m also doing it all just to hear well done

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