His name means

"God is with us".

airwaves: manic monday - the bangles
"i wish it were sunday, cuz thats my fun day.."
(it REALLY is a manic monday)

hey lambs, starting out the first full week of spring is my cousin/bestfriend Emmanuel J. LeGrair. Ive known manny for years and when i tapped him to be feature first for spring fling week, he (reluctantly) accepted. While he doesnt think he's the best dressed, i'd have to disagree, for a gentleman his size, he has EXCELLENT taste, and that's crucial, everyone has a different body type and everyone should know how to dress themself with what looks best on them, and emmanuel is a man who knows what the good things in life are. we may not have a lot of money, but we make due with what we have, and he always does a fantastic job no matter what it is:)

so without FURTHER ado, here is my cousin/confidant, one who i fondly call the "Modern Sophisticate" presenting his picks for Spring 2009!

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