random shots

from Legacy Village

airwaves: sooner or later - n.e.r.d.
"its over, leave it."
(this song used to be on REPEAT when i first got the album, now everytime i hear it its like the first time all over again..)

tanya, jaron, and mr. bear.

i know i say this all the time but i really mean it, i feel like asians are LIGHTYEARS ahead of us in sooo many aspects of life. These two cool kids, Wut ti and Pare and a prime example. i caught them taking pictures of eachother and immediately fell in love with the pair of them, after a short chat about where Wutti picked up his shoes, i asked them if i could take a photo of them for my blog and to my delight they said of course, i hope i can run into them again one day, so if you two are reading this, email me!! ridesallyrideblog@gmail.com

i have the all-time COOLEST friends. :)

ciao, sal

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