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airwaves: good mornin' - kanye west
"on this day we become legendary, everything we dreamed of"
(i really miss the old kanye. sadface times a hundred )

Spring fling week is over and i just wanna give an extra bit of gratitude for all of my folks who participated, Emmanuel, Mighty, Omar, Ebony, and Ramon, thank you guys sooo much, i truly enjoyed your insight and the fact that you stick to your guns when it comes to your own personal spring style. you all have flash AND flair, and i love you for it!

back to business.

im doing some revamping...well, not necesarily revamping because that would mean layout and style changes but..lets just say, im doing some refreshing...some spring cleaning on RSR. the feedback im getting from you all is incredible, thank you thank you a thousand times THANK YOU for all the love, its wonderful, you guys light up my freakin LIFE! BUTTTTTT..and thats a big BUT..RSR would be nothing without YOU, i need you guys to participate with me! i know i have a few cab confessionals backed up and im SORRY but i swear imma get them out this week becauuuuse, i (along with my twinster brittney) have finally come up with NEW questions for Cab Confessionals..and theyre like..off the top of the dome type questions and i cant WAIT..for new victims:) so today (and probably tomorrow) ill be doing mostly CC's just so i can get you all updated on the old ones that i never put up because CLEARLY i am a laze monster. But, ill also be looking for some of you to do the NEW Cab Confessional, hopefully ill be adding some more features, going more places, and showcasing more friends, so make sure you keep up, stay in touch with the email -ridesallyrideblog@gmail.com, on facebook, myspace, etc! love you all and hope to be having an adventure with you soooooon!!!

ciao, sal

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