its finally


airwaves:we major - kanye west ft. Nas and Really Doe
"feelin better than i ever felt be fore today...and better late than never means..orientation...still we can make it better throwin all your cares away...."
(this is manny and i's favorite song like...EVER)

oh man, even though this week went by in TURBO, its finally and officially friday which means that i have two days of peace and solitude to do whatever it is that want until monday morning at nine a.m. so basically what im sayin is...im gonna be up all night, cuz i dont have to work tomorrowwww! but anyway lets get right down to it. today is the final day of spring fling week and i feel like ive been saving the best for last! Today's feature is on my friend Ramon Bentley. Ive known him since iwas a freshman in college and his name was 'Ric' :). He started off as a mentor but became a friend, and one now who i certainly value and respect. he introduced me to fashion show production and more importantly, papi's cuban rastuarant downtown. Not only is he a men's fashion guru, but also a food and wine connoissuer, im lucky to know a guy a like him, so sit back and enjoy his feature because its the only thing you'll see for the rest of the weekend.

hope you enjoy it!

ciao, sal :)

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