On a serious note,

its really hard for me to be serious.

airwaves: simple kind of life - no doubt
"and all the simple things are simply too complicated for my life..."
(I am patiently awaiting No Doubt's reunion tour this summer...who's riding shotgun?)

Okay so, I want you all to know that, there is something so special about every single last one of you...I'm not perfect and I don't try to be, I don't try to be highly intelligent, intellectual, deep..etc. Its not my m.o. at all. I have no interest in knowing life's secrets and why things are the way they are, I'm very content with being ignorant of things people take seriously. The only things I can take seriously are a. the fact that life is to be LIVED, day to day unhappiness is unacceptable; b. the fact that there are people living on NOTHING and c. God. Well...B. is something that everyone should take seriously...everyone should have the chance to have a happy life, and C. is hard to cope with. Like..sometimes its really..REALLY difficult to take God seriously because I find Him to be so funny...He obviously finds me to be entertaining as well since He plays jokes on me...HOURLY. I love the fact God is my substitute for a father, he cracks me up..and He's just like a human dad too...He gives me money...sometimes he grounds me..He even makes me see how UNCOOL some of the guys I dated were. Man. He's the TRUTH out here.. I hope you and the man upstairs chill on the regular yoooo.


Back to business, people...stop trying to be something you're NOT. (If you feel even the SLIGHTEST bit of conviction...you know the rest) Who in the world is going to be you if you decide not to be you? I mean..come on. I find all of my buddies quite entertaining when they're being themselves. And secondly, where have all the youngins gone? It makes me sad seeing people act older than what they are..people make like the only thing to do in life is to work yourself to the bone, stack money money money...hoard money money money..and spend money x3 where in the world are the JOYS of life? Giving back? Giving to yourself? To God? To others? Lord I've never wanted to be a working stiff, maybe that's why I'm in no rush to finish school, I certainly want to do it but there's so much else I want to do.."I'm a firm disbeliever in the punch clock promise" it makes me sad that people think there's so little to life when there's sooo muuchh moooore..I guess you have to experience the life of a poor man before u realize it..but you have to figure out what I mean by "poor" because momma's not talkin coins. If you're a freebird...spread your wings and fly-yy.

..nobody loves a poser. But everybody loves raymond. (I hooope you got that, it was one of my better soliloquys? I dunno if I used that word in proper context...looks like God is punking me again making me think I'm smart by using 5 dollar words that don't fit into context) mann....lemme stop before I get to into the DEEPNESS that exists in the depths of my mind.

Hahahahahahahahhaa (that was a joke)

Okay okay..I'm done
Ciao, salllll

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