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manic monday..(i wish it were sunday..)

airwaves: the beautiful ones - prince "i may not know where im goin baby, i may not know what i need, but one thing, one thing's for certain babe, i know what i want, yeah and if itd PLEASE ya baby PLEASE ya baby..id beg you down on my KNEES cuz i want YOU" (i know thats long but its my favorite part..and this is undoubtedly my favorite song by Prince..its the story of my freakin life..*sigh*)

today is a double feature yo. me and jarie went thrifting yestderday after threee loonnng wweeeekksss, and thank God i wound up only spending twelve dollars on some LOOT. sooo to show you all my own personal taste and the way i roll, i decided to put a few things on Luxey and Vicki so you all could see my own personal taste and how cheap i TRULY am...so, its a pit

stop and a car pool..all in one! enjoy

yes my mannequins have tramp stamps...so what?

Luxe's first look is simple, but i like it, pair it with a pumps, flats, wedges, vans, etc..its a simple safari dress but look how versatile it is, and the collar is white on the bottom, and in the land of us people who shop at Brooks Brothers, a popped collar is STILL a good look.

safari dress - 1.00 Village Discount Outlet
pink belt - 1.00 Value Village (Atlanta, GA)
green necklace-madre's jewelry box


This is Luxe's 2nd look, and i looove it. the highwaisted vintage jumper was truly a find
Black Highwaisted skirt jumper - .75 VDO
Blue Blouse - .90 VDO
Pink Belt - .45 VDO

and who doesnt love a racerback?!
the floaty sleeves also have a very feminine effect that i love

Introducing..Victoria Karen

This dress caught me off gaurd, there was this weird covering over it, it really looked like a box with a sheet over it and my first thought was "who the heck would design this?" but i really loved the soft fabric and the flowers so i just opted to take of the covering and do a little construction so it could be a simple tunic with a blousant sleeve... so i took it home to try it on and lo and behold..this is what i saw..

Magnolia print dress - 1.00 VDO
Pink necklace - 2.00 VV
i love an off the shoulder dress, even though this one wasnt made like this
im going to custom it and do as such..
(you know i can never do anything the right way..)

needless to say...i wont be doing anything else to it..
the sheath turned out to be a kind of self belt and
allows the top of the dress to blouse out so it kindve
looks like something else, all in all...i heart it.

This next one i know a lot of you wont understand...and im okay with that. Its DIRECTLY from the seventies and looks like a cross between the partridge family, the brady bunch,...and blacksploitation movies. but i LOVE it, it reminds me of how my mother was and everything that she is now, even though im usually not a fan of halter tops, this dress threw me for a loop, i love the print, i love the structure, and i just plain love it. i cant wait to pick my afro out this summer, load up my arms with bangles, and give you a mean gladiator sandal. ohhh yes.
70s halter dress - 2.00 VDO
green necklace - .60 VDO

i heart heart heart the back of this...and yes, i DO plan on going bra-less

A partridg in a pear tree.

what an EXCELLENT day...

keep in mind you dont have to like everything i like..i will still love you regardless of your lack of good taste, ha! only kidding lambs..you know my heart belongs to you first and foremost!

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