Mighty Mighty

Good Love.

spring picks.

Michael Kors has a strong look for spring.

Americana is back. I like those looks.

The combination of 80's menswear with women's clothing is cute as buttons.

Some of the silhouette of these pants oh yeah.

Cavalli's bandeau tops are definitely gonna inspire some nakedness, and I am still running with structure found in Pugh's dresses and Balenciaga's pieces from before.

whats a dont.

tights as pants, please pretty please stop this

and stop piling on clothes just for the sake of it

be chic and clean with it.

a do.

is definitely give me janis with patterned shirts,

and suede shingles in other places besides ur booties.

Also i want to see alllllllll of the ponytails, huge buns, alll the way to the sky. thanks.

I will be seen in pants with all types of drapery, head wraps and little dashikis (I said i like the ethnic!)


and overdesigned jackets with simple denim.

Im on the search for good statement flats, because high heels are the thing now,

but im already 6 feet.

They have to be saved for night life.

Ill prob have to contrasting looks that i bounce between simple and androgynous and vixen chic. so i dont get bored.

As cute as it is right now, I wont be seen in the ninja pants,

i feel like they are going to play out like gauchos did. a sad death

(Oh yes...guachos certainly did die a sad..and long overdue death.)

Yes, Christina.

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