Mighty hard

To pass up.

Airwaves: nothing lasts forever - maroon 5
"Built a wall around my heart, never let it fall apart, strangely I wish secretly, it would fall down while I'm asleep"
(Aint it the truth)

I don't have a LOT of close female friends, but the ones I do have I truly value. Christina Mighty is one of them, her style and flair is like no one else I know, and to be almost six feet tall, and lady, you have to have atleast ONE thing going for you. luckily for us, young Mighty (as i fondly call her) has it ALL. Brains, (shoutout whitney young) Beauty, (obviously) and Brauns,(you dont know this but ive SEEN her throw bows and pull hair...!) and even more luckily for me, i have the privelige to clal her a friend. so when i asked her to do the blog, i knew she would accept and come through for me, and with her concept of complex minimalism mixed with urban classics, shes a girl that you really cant afford to miss...

ciao, sal.

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