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of the south...way up in the north.

airwaves: today was a good day - ice cube
"I didn't even have to use my AK...I gotta say today was a good day"
(I have to say that IS my favorite line..lol and this song is soooo summertime nights...good lord)
okay so on sunday i got to witness something pretty cool, this group Drumline Live came to perform at EJ Thomas and surprisingly, they were really good. Most of them were from FAMU and Bethune-Cookman UNIVERSITY and it was actually really nice. And very nostalgic. They did a bit of gospel, motown, big band, jazz, BUT the best HAD to be..the HBCU tribute. Having spent three years around three different HBCU's, it was soo nice to experience some of the good things about atlanta at home, and it was literally...a halftime show. i loved it, but its inspired me to get more into the performing arts that go on in the area, i feel like im missing a lot just by not reading the local Creative Loafing and getting into things that are going on, maybe once spring/summer hits, thing'll change, you all obviously see my mindset with current airwaves..im SO ready..just for APRIL to get here..

i really enjoyed my outfit this day lol

even though i was tired and my makeup had diminished...

this was my favorite..he reminds me so much of my sweet band boys
in atl..i miss yall..Shout Out to HOUSE OF FUNK!
ciao, sal

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