Is this just a

Vision in my mind?

airwaves:she loves everybody-chester french
"well she craves affection..so i use protection..and i KNOW she loves me..she loves ERYBODY.."
(an oldie but a goodie)

Recently while reading a few of the older articles on Denoto, i saw a few pieces of artwork that i loved, the symmetry, the message, the use of color and the style of the illustratios took my breath away and gave me a lot of inspiration for the spring/summer seasons, here are a few of my favorites, hope you enjoi. bon chic.

Cecilia Carlstedt Illustrations

Richard May Illustrations

while i thoroughly enjoy both artists, i find myself a bit partial to carlstedts slightly
earthy and hippie drawings, i would love to have them as paintings in my house.

ciao, sal.

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