im really and truly

a people person.

airwaves: pass the the peas - the jb's ft. james brown
"pass the peas like they used to say, pass the peas like they used to say (pass em down!)"
(does this sone remind you tremendously of Crooklyn like it reminds me?)
i genuinely enjoy the company of people i know...and also people that i dont know. but thankfully, i know a lot of people:) and they are pretty much what my blog is about. i love looking at people, talking to people, singing with people, and most of all, being myself with people. im so grateful that i dont have to act like someone else around my friends, that let me be myself and dont let me forget who i am no matter how much i try to. so basically i want you all to know that you'll see very very few celebrities on my blog, i have very little interest in them but so much interest in the people i know, i think theyre amazing..one of these peoples is (yea i know) Layshonda. Layshonda and i met during my senior year of highschool, but i remember seeing her my junior year but never saying anything to her. she stood out to me because she was this punk rock (black) girl in a world of hard core hip hop and r&b. it was soooo refreshing to see her out there doing what she wanted to do regardless of the typical norm of our highschool, she was just downright different. it was beautiful. i always thought she was so cool but didnt have the nerve to say anything to her until my senior year, and im glad i did, i found out that shes really a great girl and is really active on the music scene, in a world of general tones she was the rebel yell, and that's why she's the Local of the Week

told ya..i know some of the COOLEST people..
ciao, sal.

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