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airwaves: i'm just a girl - no dizoubt
"im just a girl, living in captivity, your rule of thumb, makes me worrisome...ive had it up to HERE"
(i first heard this song when i was in 5th grade, it was on a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie my mom had got me, i kept rewinding the title scene because my ears were longing for more..ill never forget that moment, i had fallen in love)
I've been excited since i woke up this morning and got the call that my mom was buying my tickets for the No Doubt reunion concert, its PERFECT timing, 2 days before my 21st birthday, so hopefully the birthday week will be a good one this year, even though i only want birthday parties on significant ages 4, 16, 18...i think this year i want it to be a little different, typically i like to tie in my brithday with the fourth of july but this year id like something a little more sophisticated...any ideas? mail me! however there will be NO drinking, but maybe a cigar:) Anyeays im really excited, the concert is June 29th, with Paramore opening up at Blossom, im kindve bummed to have just missed janelle monae by two dates but im sure itll be amazing either way...i cant wait..oh p.s.! be on the lookout for the new spring features that will be debyting in the next few weeks, you'll be really excited to see whats going to happen, who knows, you might just see your face on here! 9 more days til spring yall! bon chic!

ciao, Sal.

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