here's where the story

Ends...just to begin again

airwaves: where the story ends - the sundays
"People I know..places I go..make me feel tongue tied.."
(Just a little souveneir from a wonderful year...)

Hey all, my FORTY DAY FAST HAS FINALLY ENDED! Today was the last day and I feel EEEXXXXCCEELLLEENT. Not much has changed outwardly(and I'm fine with that) but God has done sooooooo (oooooooo) much on the inside. My fast is complete and I completed my goals of learning discipline,remembering forgiveness, and ridding myself of bitterness. While I still have a LOT of work to do, God came through on His promise as well, and he revealed it to me when I was sewing a dress(!) and then confirmed it through a. My best friend b. A bit of research and c.a dream. I know that nothing happens on accident and this was OBVIOUSLY destiny...I can't tell you all the details at the moment in time but about mid April I should be able to let you all in on the big secret! There's only three people who know and I know the other two won't tell! So as my forty day personal fast ends today, tomorrow (sheesh) begins the forty day church fast which ill be participating in, so God has not only revealed and confirmed it to me, now I know He will show me how to go about accomplishing it so, yesss, look forward to posts on how its going. LOVE YOU ALL REALLY, YOU'RE A GREAT CROWD, REALLY!

Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox times amilli

Ciao(ey), Sally.

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