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my personal decor
over tha years ive grown into tha ultimate classy girl...
i love playing around with fashion.
i love to be comfortable and classy.
im fairly simple.
i dont like to go over board.
i hate when people OVER D0 there style...less is always best.[[to me of course]]
(i concur)

styles for spring 2009
[[although its out of my price range]]
vera wang had some very nice pieces in tha spring 2009 fashion show...
im beginning to get into dresses, and there were a few on that runway that had me dazed!
& i think MICHAEL K0RS may be theee man to set the style bar for spring![[he never upsets me]]
(obviously mr. kors is the go-to man for spring this year!)

spring is always my favorite season simply because theres so much you can do when it comes to putting together a nice "outfit"....
i love pastel colors...so you'll prolly see me in a lot of light pinks, soft greens, & tans on a regular day
i love wearing simple cardigans. with a nice pair of jeans[[or a nice pair of khaki shorts on warmer days]] with a smooth pair of sperry's!! with an oversized bag of some sort[[names dont really matter to me..if its sweet..ill take it]]
If im steppin out for a nite on tha town..ill prolly wear a nice dress that complements my curves.[[I LOVE BLACK DRESSES!]] & a bomb a-- HEEL!
im really into sophistication! im very in touch with my body size and i know what works and what just looks foolish!!
ALS0!!! i love showing all 5 0f my tattoos...i never buy clothes that will cover them. i feel like my tattoos and my piercings are my best accesories!
(yay for body art)

0MG! WHERE D0 I BEGIN!!!!!!!!..
[[lemme start by saying this...AKR0N 0HI0...fashion...dont mix]]
....im sorry babygirl...but that babyphat shirt, and those rocawear jeans, with those air force ones and that pink mardi gras beaded necklace with tha matchin bracelet and earings IZZZ N0T THA BUSINESS!
& my dude....in tha jeans to his ankles..looking like a parachute..
ooo boy is that spray paint i see on your shirt!...& are those prada's or filas?
ima need for yo 24 years young a--[[excuse my french]]...to get your grown man on

[[wooo i needed to vent on that one]]

like i previously stated I love classiness and sophistication.((male & female))

ooo and my top 5 songs...
1. drake-ransome...
2.drake-best ive ever had
3.kanye west-all falls down
4.tha fray-over my head

drake is definitely going to be big...he's pretty much tha s---.l0l.

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