theres still

more to come

airwaves: o saya - m.i.a.
"they cant touch me..we break off, run so fast they cant ever catch me.."
(theres something about wordly sounding drums that turns me ON)

While we still have 2 (possibly 3!) more features to do for the rest of the week, pay special attention to this one.
Today's style feature is Mr. Omar Mornan, aka Sergio Wonder, one of my light skinned dolls from down south lol. While i dont know him that well, ive made some observations that i really like and asked him to be on the blog for the spring feature, and i wasnt disappointed, im sure you wont be either, check out his feature for the next 24 hours below! Also, be sure to check his blog out his (really excellent) blog "Runway Wonder" and leave him so lovinnn


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