Confessions of a

drama QUEEN.
(nix the drama part, we'll stick with the queen though)

Who are you?
Ebony Aalayah...but everybody calls me EBZ

Who are your top 3 influences fashionwise?
Honestly i dont have a top 3!....everybody influences me...i may see a 70 year old woman..with a sharp a-- necklace on..or a young guy my age with a sweet a-- jacket on....i draw inspiration from everywhere..if its sweet ill fall in love with it[[ooo yeah lemme say it know..i use the word "sweet" entirely too much..cant help it]]

How about musically?
i love mos def...i dont know if its because i think he's sexy or what..but he's pretty intriguing...kanye west always has a pretty fresh way of delivering a message and i love him for that....mariah carey will prolly always&forever be my idol...

Favorite place(s) to shop locally?
[[if its a boutique and if its on coventry street im sooo there]] shouts out to cleveland ohio

Shoes you're wearing right now
[[giggling]] um im barefoot...but my hot pink polish does wonder for my [[piggies]]...ughh tha word "toes" disgust me..i almost barfed in my mouth from just typin it...ohh but earlier i had on a caramel colored pair of sperry's.

Bracelet or watch?
i love bracelets...but ive recently found myself having a huge infatuation for watches.

Necklace or scarf?
[[diamond necklace please]]

Prince or Michael Jackson
[[ im still dying to go to never never land]]

[[hmmm....right now im at point in my life where i wanna do everything....from fashion editor..to song writter...to being a physcologist]] if all else fails...ill teach kindergarten

Last movie you watched
TAKEN-ol boy is a beast.

Favorite blog(s)/websites to browse..
really i dont do a lot of browsing on the web...most of the times its facebook & my girlie long tall sally of course.

Song stuck in your head right now?
The fray-over my head

If you could have a comeback album from any artist...who would it be?
B2K...nuff said.
(barf, sorry eb lol)

The first concert you ever went to
LMA0!!! LIL B0W W0W AND B2K @ that gool ol akron civic.

The dumbest thing you've ever done
losing myself in a silly boy[[lesson well learned]]

The best decision you ever made
HMMM..leaving atlanta and moving back home to tha good ol AKR0N.

I see the person youve grown to be, but not who you were before..what was it that changed your life to get where you are now?

go ahead...give a few shout outs
FAMILY & FRIENDS...N0 0NE IN PARTICULAR..... i pretty much love everybody.

Finally....last famous words
i want the money.the cars.the clothes...[[I SUPP0SE]]
...or maybe i just wanna be succesful.
awww, Eb.

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