some of the best movies

were created in the eighties.

airwaves: baile funk #3 -m.i.a. and diplo -piracy funds terrorism vol #1
(i wish i could tell you what old girl was saying but...she was speaking portuguese)

If you haven't been to my house (or apartment when i was an atlien) then you don't know the extensiveness that is my DVD collection, ESPECIALLY the 80s portion of it, i love the late 80s, early 90s cult classics and still watch them on a regular basis, so while i was watching a golden oldie(The Wiz) THINKING about golden oldies.. i came up with the concept for a segment called "DRIVE IN". Drive In movies were so popular back in the day that i figured I'd do a weekly "Drive In" every friday but instead of doing a movie review on new releases...I'm doing it on the old CLASSICS. Get it? These are all movies that inspired my personal style, musical tastes, and even my way of thinking, even going back to some of my favorite black and white films. Since this is the first week I'm going to do one today and another on friday and then it'll continue there on the weekly basis. Tonight's film is: Pretty In Pink.

Pretty in Pink has played such a major role in my own personal beliefs, the battle between the richies in the riches and the...unrichies? is stillll going on and im ready for that mess to be over. im not going to go into TOO much detail about this movie because if you havent seen it then..you dont deserve to live(kidding) but it reaaally is the bomb.com, especially Duckie's character and his Otis Redding impersonation(you know that made me happy) so go see it, id like to do a longer post but i have sooo much to do today so sorry this one is kinna crappy but...you know ill be back!

ciao, sal.

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