normally I wouldnt

blog about celebrities but I feel like my girl deserves this one.

airwaves: u.r.a.q.t(u.s. version) - m.i.a
"u.r.a...q..t. is ya dad a dealer cuz you're dope to me.."
(I remember the first time I heard this song I fell in love...I haven't looked back since)

okay so lets be honest, there are MORE than enough celebrity blogs out there and that is why i choose not to spend time on famous folks..PEREZ HILTON HAS IT ON LOCK!!...but last night in a burst of spontaneity, me and my close friend jacci went to the movies. she bailed on me last weekend for some silly boy (and yes, i was pretty salty about it) so she decided to make it up to me.(see, i have some of the most AMAZING friends) We had a girls movie night at the regal and saw madea goes to jail,(which was excruciating and predictable) and this year's AA champ...Slumdog Millionaire. if you don't know already, i'm a movie buff. typically if i'm watching tv, i'm watching a movie. television has always bored me which is why i always had my nose in a book as a child, but i did grow to love movies. the downside of all my movie watching however, is that i can easily tell where the plot is going and can usually have the movie figured out and tell you the ending within the first 20 minutes, so i went into slumdog with pretty low expectations regardless of the great reviews i'd heard. we waited for the previews to end (which featured the new x-men origins movie which i must say i'm excited to see especially since Gambit and a young Storm are in) and finally got to the opening scenes of the movie...within the first few minutes i was absolutely captivated. the plot, the scenes, the characters, the music...i was all but physically sucked in, it was AMAZING. i didn't care that i had the movie figured out about 40 minutes into it, it actually made it better because of me anticipating the end, the storyline was fantastic and the young characters were incredible but i think what drew me in was the soundtrack. i've always been into wordly music and the heavy drumbeats from the indian culture all the more while captivating, especially when m.i.a.'s track came on...and that's where I get to my point. i've been listening to m.i.a. since 2003. dwayne yates will try to tell you otherwise, but he really just put a name to a face:) i remember the first time i heard m.i.a it changed my life. i was home from school on a sick day, and i was watching the vh1 morning videos, when the video for "galang" came on. i couldnt focus on anything else at that point. In my head I'm like..."who IS the girl? What is she singing? How is she dancing? What is thissss?!!!!" I missed her name and the name of the song because I was so lost in the translation of the video but i never forgot the ponytailed indian girl I saw gettin it in vh1...so the story continues to 2005, when I saw her again, this time on mtv..I was in my bathroom getting dressed when I hear something that sounds like the "Rocky" theme mixed and these chopped drumkicks and this girl rapping and me not understanding a word she's saying. And then I remember. I wait for the video to go off before running to my computer and googling "Bucky Dun Gun" to get everything I can on her. Dang...I remember when music was so fresh and so tantalizing it could make you lose focus of what you were supposed to be doing...now we have the "stanky legg" and the "superman" *sigh* that's okay...ipods killed the radio star.

Moral of the story, stop being late, m.i.a. is older than you think. Piracy funds terrorism vol.1 mixtape dropped in '04, Arular in '05, and Kala in 06'. Paper Planes is 3 years old suckas. Do your research!!

Out, SAL.

(P.s. I'm not really mad at people for being late, just mad that they were soooo unaccepting of what WE were doing YEARS ago but they are finally doing now)


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