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recently i got to hang out with an old favorite, Dwayne 'Church' Yates, i hadnt seen Dwayne since his trip to atlanta last year when he stayed at my house and caused me PROBLEMSSSS, ha! but its okay, still much love for the guy so i decided to feature him first in the new segment "CAB CONFESSIONAL", which is just a few random and simple questions that say a lot about a person, i kept the interview short and sweet and thankfully dwayne had a bit to say about each question, so thanks D for the participation and hope the rest of you enjoyyy

Mustang Sally:Who are your top 3 influences fashionwise?
Dwayne Yates:My top 3 influences would be M.I.A., she tought em that being completely random can work. Kanye, because he gave black men options for what fly is. And New York hipsters...my first trip to New York opened my eyes. I saw all these trendy people walking around in skinnies and fly kicks and I looked at the people back home like "What are you doing? Why are you weraing that, when you can be wearing this?"

MS:How about musically?
DY:Again, M.I.A. is one of my favorite artists, Diplo is one of my favorite DJs. They're worldly as artists. they don't make music for people back home, they make music for people of the world. And I love Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse.

MS:Favorite place to shop locally?
DY:The local shops are very limited...but I like the Village Thrift. I walk in with a 5 bill in my pocket and walk out with a complete look.

MS:Shoes you're wearing right now
DY:I'm in socks, but I'm about to put on some black and tiger-print Supras

MS:Bracelet or watch?
DY:None, left my time piece at my bf's apt in Cleve. :[
MS:Necklace or scarf?
DY:Black and white houndstooth

MS:Paper or plastic?
DY:International popstar

MS:Last movie you watched
DY:The new Friday the 13th, wasn't impressed

MS:favorite blog(s) to browse

MS:Song stuck in your head right now
DY:Nineteen- Tegan and Sara

MS:If you could have a comeback album from any artist...who would it be?
DY:Anita Baker

MS: see the person youve grown to be, but not who you were before..what was it that changed your life to get where you are now?
DY:I used to act like a cool, laid-back thug. Wore tall tees, smoked all day, wanted to always be with my boys. Before i started doing that I was really quiet, always in the house, reading books and dreaming.

MS:go ahead...give a few shout outs
DY:Wassup BK! and Avery, I wanna give a shout out to my mom, and all the suffering people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo! Stay strong!

MS:Finally....last famous words
DY:I will one day figure it all out, but for now I'm making s--t happen and movin at 1000mph. Keep God close! He'll make everything happen for you.
Check out dwayne on his personal blog L.E.S. Akron Artist

ciao, sal.

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