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airwaves: lets go crazy - prince
"Ladies and gentlemen..we are gathered here today...to get through this thing called LIFE"

Hey lambs, I just wanted to stop and send you all a personal message of GREAT thanks. I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from this thing and hopefully it'll continue! Some of you don't realize that my whole reason for making this is because of YOU, I meet so many amazing people in my travels and I want all the other people who don't get to meet them in person, to atleast get a snippet of them on Ride Sally Ride. And for those asking, the name mustang sally has no real meaning behind it, its just something my dad said one day and its stuck with me ever since then. But anyway, what I'm really getting to is the fact that ill be introducing to new segments this week, currently there's 'local of the week', which feature some of the coolest kids I know, 'billboards' which is the artwork segment, 'passenger's seat' which are just shots of people I see looking and behaving amazingly, 'airwaves' which is a smaller feature on the song that's currently stuck in my head, and 'horsepower' which is the cool things I hear people say, and the rarely intelligent things that I blurt out in a fit of, you guessed it, RARE INTELLIGENCE, but! All in all, really THANKS for reading, it means a lotttttt to me! Keep in touch with the email(ridesallyrideblog@gmail.com) or give me a shout on facebook (Mustang Sally) or myspace (myspace.com/honeychile) if you don't have already, so, look forward to the NEWWWW segments that will be happening in a minute here...and keep up with the old ones, oh! And a big I HEART YOU to the people who've participated in my little photoshoots with my beloved baby nikon (one day I'm going 2 get the real deal if not...ill have to supersoak the hoes..like..every last one of them) or the pictures I've taken from you and featured. SOO much love lambs,

This is so lame but imma say anyway...RIDE OR DIE FOOL RIDE OR DIE!! Just for laughs:)


Ciao, SAL

(10:48 pm. Update: make that...THREE new features ;) )

Out forreal.

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