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Of the ickies.

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"When the weekend comes I go get live with the honeys.."
(Not really though..but lets do the wild thang!)

Lambs! This week went by really fast and I'm glad it did, if you noticed that my posts were somewhat few and far in between is not only because the beginning of the week was busy, but by wednesday I'd contracted the walking flu from the nasty(but lovable! Lol) kids that I work with at ACA. Wednesday afternoon I was with manny when all of a sudden my body got all cold and weak and achy and I just laid down the floor(like how I used to do back in the day when you could catch me taking a nap any and everywhere) so I called my madre and told her the symtpoms and she and papa confined me to the house...moreso the living room couch to snuggle up and watch tv all day, my dad even made a funny about my job firing me..which he thought was even funnier because I don't get paid *side eye* but all in all I'm feeling much better so that I can FINALLY get back to my adventures and hanging out with the coolest kids on the planet (they barred me from fear of contagiousness). If you noticed the top picture has changed, I plan on switching them up sporadically, I had never really thought about it but I've always had this thing about taking pictures of my feet, and I feel like it even ties in with the blog theme, "my travels" and considering most of you know how I like walking, what better an ode to the human journey...there's even a Bible verse about it.."How beautiful are the feet of those that bring the good news.." If you can give me the reference ill give you a prize!
But for now I'm going back to bed, probably won't be too many postings until monday or tuesday, I don't feel like doing anything but watching movies, laying in the bed, and listening to the Streetlife Podcasts...hope to see you soon...
Only 7 days until the Spring Debut!

Ciao, Sal


  1. Nice babygurl, but don't sleep to long.

  2. Carmelita14/3/09 13:43

    Isiah 52:7, or Romans 10:15 :)


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