i would be much remissed

if i didnt mention the date's importance.

airwaves: anniversary- tony! toni! tone!
"Do you know what today is? Its our anniver-sary."
(I miss tony toni tone man...)
today is the ONE MONTH anniversary of Long, Tall Sally. i know its only a month but still...a lot can happen in 30 days! lol, im proud to say that LTS or RSR is going strong and im soooo happy about it, hopefully Jesse can continue to help me out and keep my adventures coming, because they really are sooo entertaining to me, and hopefully to you! im at manny and jaron's watching spongebob so im really distracted, but i wanted to give you guys a few shots from the day:) Today was our pastor's installation (inauguration really!) service and it was really cool. There were pastors from out of state, local big timers and biggest of all..the freakin mayor of akron(shout out to don plasquellic! i SEE you!) so it was really cool to see all these people come and support Dr. Swoope..who is QUITE amazing in herself (you'll see her son on here in May for his new album!) but anyway, im out til monday chilluns, enjoy the shots, herndon, curtis, addie, and eddie...love you n-words!

herndie and me's feetsies




how many boyz there?

en pointe


this fool..

my friends are my fountain of youth,
and my stream of wealth.
ciao, sal.

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