Oh My,


Who are you?-
Sergio Wonder, G.I.T (Gur in Training)

Who are your top 3 influences fashionwise?
Christian Siriano, Andre Benjamin (3000), Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

How about musically?
Jill Scott, Lizz Wright, Stevie Wonder (no relation, lol), Anita Baker, Janelle Monae, Will.i.am, Sam Sparro, John Mayer, Common, Donnie (The Colored Section), Liv Warfield & Kim Burrell

Favorite place(s) to shop locally?-
The Webster, Barney's CO-OP, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Rebel Boutique, C. Madeline's, The Lounge, Diesel

Where are you?
At the design studio (Miami,FL)

Shoes you're wearing right now
YSL Moccasins

Bracelet or watch?
Michael Kors

Necklace or scarf?
(i took it off) Forgiven dog tag

Prince or Michael Jackson
PRINCE!!!! (is there any question?)

King of the world

Last movie you watched

Favorite blog(s)/websites to browse..
CocoChanelPuffs.onsugar.com, men.style.com, fashion156.com , eluxury.com, thelifefiles.com

Song stuck in your head right now?
Fall by Brandy (Human)

If you could have a comeback album from any artist...who would it be?
ELLA FITZ (as in Fitzgerald)

The first concert you ever went to-real concert?
Viktor Wooten

The dumbest thing you've ever done
come back to America (after i graduated college)

The best decision you ever made
To study in Europe (complete eye-opener)

I see the person youve grown to be, but not who you were before..what was it that changed your life to get where you are now?
I learned to not live by stereotypes. Life is not about a four walls (or a box). EXPLORE! I'm a man, but that doesn't mean i'm not allowed a few weak moments. I'm african american, but that doesn't mean I'm uneducated. I'm 6'2, and I hate basketball! (you get the idea). Something literally just clicked in my brain and said "you're much bigger than the space you're living in".

go ahead...give a few shout outs
God is awesome and true to His word.

Finally....last famous words
There is no time like the present.
Regret nothing and learn from everything.

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