Hump Day!

My my my...what have we here????

Omar Mornan aka Sergio Wonder

My picks for the season:-
Classic two tones oxfords
Harem Pants/Shorts-Short sleeved wovens (a.k.a button ups)-
Velvet Slippers (by Tom Ford or Ralph Lauren)-
Modern Watches (I.e, the faceless watch, or any by Tokyo Flash)

You will most likely catch me in:
a good mood
cardigans (you can never go wrong)
Keds, Rubber Ducky's, or Generic Surplus kicks
Anything Diesel
Vintage Eyewear
Seersucker Shorts

You will NOT see me in:
Slip On Vans
Anything by Ed Hardy (WTF is up with all that sparkle?!)
A Ford vehicle
anything neon (Just Say No!)
Acid Wash Jeans (modernize the 80's, not relive it)

I Plan to Go:
to a place called "Success"
to NYC to see my dad and discover.
Europe to finish what I started

My current airwaves:
Sandcastle Disco- Solange
Something is Missing - Brandy
What's Going On (Live) - Jazmine Sullivan
Soon as I Get Home - Lizz Wright
Heaven Only Knows - John Legend

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