im so ready

for winter to be officially OVER.

airwaves: summer madness - kool & the gang
(thats the good thing about instrumentals, no phrases necessary)

im really over this cold weather. can i get some steady 60 -65 degree days with bursts of sunshine and bouts of rain? Today is one of those premature Spring days, its giving me a false sense of warm weather and whispering in my ear that spring is right around the corner, its also toying with my sinuses and making me sneeze a lot, my body is so used to the atlanta weather, i guess its still adjusting to the bitter cold of ohio, but either way im ready for this warm weather to stay for good! *sigh* snow snow go away...come again some other YEAR.

i cant wait for you all to see my spring theme in action.

countdown to the first day of spring? i think so

t-minus 14 days.

p.s. if you look like this...youre welcome 2 join the party.

ciao, sal.

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