i put on

for my city

airwaves: tomorrow - mark ronson, q-tip, and some chick im too lazy to get up and look at my ipod to find out
"im gonna be upp all night..cuz i dont have to work tomorrow.."
(the ultimate getting dressed up song)

here are a few shots around my hometown that i like..i know the buildings are nothing compared to any big city but dangit..its home.

The Akron Art Museum, at night it lights up this funky blue color

Main Street

i cant remember what building this is..lol

Children's Hospital..this holds a special place in my heart!

Canal Field, where the Akron Aeros play..the REAL ohio baseball team..

Side shot of the library with the front of the Art museum across the street

The last shot of the day..dusk. *sigh*

There's no place like home.

ciao, sal

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