I may be an adult

But I often have li'l girl thoughts.

Airwaves: summer breeze - the isley brothers
"Summer breeze..makes me feel fine, blowin through the jasmine in my mind..."

Okay this won't happen to often (I don't think) but I'm going to post something PERSONAL. I wrote this this morning eating breakfast with my dad and my aunt on our deck and I liked the layout and the voice on it, so I've decided to share it..hope you like it, its taken directly from my childhood...

Oh shoot.

I'm so ready for the heat.
To bring it, get it, live it, etc.
Please give me an excuse to wear next to nothing,
I love clothes but I hate them, I just wanna be free
All i need,
A backyard,
Somebody please LIGHT up the grille.
Where is tae tae n 'nem wit the super soakers?

Bumpbumpbumpbump that music on 25 in yo beat up old Tahoe,
Please let me hear the local rap scene,
from all the way down the street.
Don't apologise, we in the hood.

Turn to 107.9...robin simone
Old school mix at noon with that technotronic and LL Cool J mash-up, I mean its a half an hour long but it last me the whole day

What's that? JonJon You hear that?

"Girl if you don't sit still so I can finish these braids"
On the porch til she done,
And I can be free
to roam on my bike, no hands,
Wheelie poppin.
Lets go to Hardesty, where is yo stereo? dance party in the park for real, after that we goin to Handels...

I need a banana pudding cream cone.

The Nat is full to capacity, so we can't go in
Til they come out
But its okay
Cuz the pool smell like pee,
And the lifeguards stopped caring a long time ago.

Man....I CHALLENGE you, get the ball.
Joy Park, naw naw we gone do it right here, right now,
Curb Ball tournament on Talbot. Hold on, time out
Here come
Them bad kids on they bikes...like hell on wheels.

they leave lets race
Down the street
"Hold on let me take my shoes

Niecey and her gang are comin, so I'm hiding in the
Because I called her momma fat last week,
And she don't forget,
People in her debt.

Daddy, can we have some popsicles?
"Here's a ten, walk to the store and get some, get me a pack of winstons, and a slab of ribs too"
I'm like..ten years old
the arabs don't care about ID.
They just want the coins.

And then there he is...in the candy aisle
Lookin at Twix bars and Juju beans...
With that caramel coffee skin,
And dirty nikes,
Long eyelashes
And a short temper.

Hey...I smile
And he looks..and like a boy,
He ignores me,
Cuz I'm skinny
And nappy headed.
But I'm still in love..

And I run before he can tell me how
ugly he thinks I am,

But there's the lady who looks like
Anita baker at the checkout,
Who smiles and tells me to give my dad
A kiss from her.
Like I'm a black cupid,
Or the postal service,

And then its back to play,
Hide and seek til the streetlights come on,
And we go in,

Sunrise tomorrow,

So I can do it

Ciao, Sal.

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