the real


airwaves: Put On- Jeezy ft. Kanye West
"i see those flashin lights...but every night..every night i put on.."
(its the hood in me yep!)

today is one of my fave fashion person..fashionists...fashionisto...? whatever.
one of my favorite freshman's birthday and in honor of him you guessed it. yep.
lets see what the REAL McCoy has to say, because from the looks of this first picture, he NEEDS to confess something. :)

Who are your top 3 influences fashionwise?-New York City-Kanye West-My grandfather

How about musically?-Kanye West-Maxwell-Andre' 3 staxx

Favorite place to shop locally?-Vintage shops (that will remain anonymous)and NO, its not in Little 5 Points, lol

Shoes you're wearing right now-Black Penny Loafers

Bracelet or watch?-Watch

Necklace or scarf?-Scarf

Classic Rock or Modern pop?- Modern pop

Dreamjob?-Creative Director of a major Designer/ Buyer

Last movie you watched- 'Madea Goes To Jail'

Favorite blog(s)/websites to browse..- Mine: astoldbyky.blogspot.com-Lateboots.com-The Sartorialist&& of course, Ridesallyride, I'm a fan already!

Song stuck in your head right now?- 'This Woman's Work' by Maxwell

If you could have a comeback album from any artist...who would it be?- Lauryn Hill <---- I LOVE HER!!

The first concert you ever went to- The Usher 8701 Tour

The dumbest thing you've ever done- Rode down a hill with a sk8board with NO helmet nor protective padding!

I see the person youve grown to be, but not who you were before..what was it that changed your life to get where you are now?- The inspiration from those that don't/didn't believe in me. Their lack of confidence in me makes me work harder and strive for success and become that successful black man that I am destined to be.

go ahead...give a few shout outs- All my people in the AUC- Morehouse College- eLite- && all of those who believe in me!

Finally....last famous words-I grow as a person day by day so what I tell you [today] would be irrelevant to [tomorrow] & wouldn't matter to [yesterday] due to ::change:

happy birthday ky, hope its a good one:)

Check out Ky's bloggy...here!

ciao for now, love ya,



  1. LOL. Love your profile pic.

    Just showing love.
    come visit sometime.


  2. thanksssss!!!! I love it!!!


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