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airwaves: I'm talkin' bout you - chuck berry
"let me tell you bout a girl I know..."

lambs! are you still here? ....ill take that as a yes! Today new segment numero two drops and im REALLY excited about it. its basically a feature about me but then again..it isnt! Okay lemme jump right into it...did you know im a mother? yes. i have three wooooonderful children. There names are Luxe Lourdes, Victoria Karen, and Yves Carlisle.

Bi-weekly i'll be showcasing if not all, then atleast one of my beloveds for you to see and, essentially, judge. It's called "CARPOOL" If by now you dont understand what i mtalking about ill make it clearer, i own three mannequins. yes. i know its hard for people to obtain just one, and figure out where to get them from but lucky me, i have three. two girls and a boy.

i got them with every intention of using them to customize my dresses and pants, etc etc, but i came up with the idea that when i wasnt using them for work, they would simply be decoration for my loft. which is what they are:) I know this might seem strange but it makes so much sense to me, they all have separate personalities but represent different aspects of my own personal taste, Luxe, the youngest, is my wild side, sometimes urban hipster, sometimes urban hippy, but in all ways, shes a direct representation of me and my varying sense of style, Victoria, the middle child, is much more classic, but at the same time quite modern, she represents the Olivia Palermo in me and the sense of being ladylike on a day to day basis.

Yves is somewhat of a showcase, he represents all the things i look for in a man (so pay close attention fellas) and they way he would dress, the epitome of versatility, but its a bit harder to dress Yves considering im not a boy..nor do i wear pants so, we just have to make do:) today im just featuring luxey because i was lazy and didnt get vicki dressed, so leave comments and tell me what you thinks.

Uniform Info:
red and white striped dress -2.00 VDO
black/cream cowl neck cardigan-169.00 Ralph Lauren
Red knit belt- 1.50 VDO
Green necklace-.60 VDO

if you know me you know how much i LOVE the summer and everything in
relation to it, this ensemble makes me think of beaches and sunglasses
and how much im ready for july 1 to get here...

in case youre wondering why i put the red belt on this dress its simple.
because its simple. sometimes i like to match, not too much however, it takes away from the creativity of what this outfit could look like.

simple black and white sweater for the evening

green necklace for just a splash of extra color.

ciao, sal.


  1. Love the fit... really... when I become a famous recording artist you WILL be my stylist... if I can afford you ;)

  2. This is an amazing post! I love the styling. Yves sounds a lot like me. Haha!

    I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for future post with the rest of the gang.


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