my favorite day of the week is

not sunday. by a loooong shot.

airwaves:chasing after you(morning song) - tye tribbett

even though i love sundays and looove my church(shoutout 2 ACOG) i dont like sundays. sundays symbolize the end of the week and that means monday is less than 24 hours away.and..i dont like mondays. anyway, here are some post-church photos, herndon and his two crackberrys (right) the lovely imani and her blue bag, and me and black and white ralph lauren. *sigh* as much asi want to fight it off i guess tomorrow's monday...but oh wait! no school tomorrow! yeeeeessssssssssssss!!!!!! plus shopping with the madre...should make for a good day...ill be sure to let you know how it goes. bon chic! mwauh!

oh herndon...this is a PROBLEM

but this isnt! Excellent combo today Mrs. Swoope!

ciao, sal.

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