how i spent my

Valentine's Day.

airwaves: family business-kanye west
"all that glitters is not gold..."

Even though my boo is still in ATL(shoutout 2 the Raging Bull) i got to spend my valentine's day eating unhealthy food, listening to sappy music, watching a great movie and to top it off, SHOE shopping with some of the GREATEST guys ever and my best friends, here are the shots.
Curtis...being a good sport after me ragging on him all day.

Jaron and manny...super latenight at wal-mart

And to top my day off, i agreed to babysit my 'phews so my cousins could have
a romantical evening out. Needless to say i spent
the night with two of the best looking guys in ohio.
mr. jaeden
and mr. maliq

*sigh* what a great day.
hope you enjoyed yours as much as i enjoyed mine.
Thank God for TRUE love.

ciao, sal.

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