Ive been waiting on this my whole LIFE...

those dreams kept me wakin up at night.

"You won't believe in me but you would fancy fairy tales like groundhogs, or thank you easter bunnay"

im mustang sally and i have no need for things that will not contribute to my lifelong journey for happiness.

Welcoooommeeeeeee...to Ridesallyride.blogspot.com, this blog is YEARS in the making..but it has finally arrived...and I'm so glad its here. After many, requests, demands, threats etc., I have finally come out with my own blog, completely everything I want via(say it with me, Vie Uh!!) literary, photopgraphic, and video form. I developed this blog because I feel like I have something to offer the rest of the world with my open way of thinking and I wanted you to come with me on the journey of love, which is essentially the journey of life. So, I appreciate your visit..stay a while..stick with me as I swallow my pride and continue to grow. Take nothing I say personal, because on here youll find my thoughts, dreams, desires, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc. with little sprinkles of my imagination on the way :) from fashion, to religion, to love and other disasters, and i hope to hear some feedback from you as well at ridesallyrideblog@gmail.com, or in comment form, it would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to monthly features on important people in my life, music, movie, and restuarants reviews, and trandom trips to the thrift store, library, and other places. I won't makre your eyes fall out of your head with all the reading so ill end THIS post here..but oh my darling, there is MORE to come:) P.s. HAPPY AMERICAN-CARD-COMPANIES-GET-PUT-IN-THE-BLACK-DAY!!

ciao, sal.

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