It takes a Village...

to dress a child.

I shun therapy

airwaves: mad decent radio #6:new orleans aint dead...its just walkin with a limp - DJ Diplo
"New orleans is home of bounce n booty music"

Carmella has told me I need to come to Shopaholics Anonymous but I don't think that will ever happen. I take pride in my ability to know when to say when...which is usually when the money runs out.

I can't help it, I don't necessarily enjoy spending my own money, but I love shopping. But only for two things in particular. The first is make-up, I typically know exactly what I'm looking for when dealing with Sephora and MAC so its an easy in and out operation. But the second is, you guessed it. Clothes. I love clothes, I feel like I can never have enough and what's interesting is I don't buy what I don't think I'd wear a year from now. I'm not particularly a mall shopper when it comes to clothes so its not like I'm dropping hundreds weekly. Oh no, there is a little place I like to go called the Village Discount Outlet aka the Nifty Thrifty. What do you mean you've never been there? It's Akron's PREMIERE thrift shop. And by far THEE best place for clothes, and it's where 90% of my wardrobe has come from. Don't believe me? Just ask Jaron:

who I go with every monday for 50 cent off day. Its our time for catching up, bonding, and comparing and contrasting our finds, we never spend more the $20. Some times we come out laden with loot, and sometimes we don't, but either way, its our favorite place to go shop, I've found everything from Ralph Lauren to Dior to Yves Saint Laurent and Moschino. A lot of times people don't even realize what they're getting rid of...and for the sake of my budding wardrobe I hope that they don't. A lot of my items are often lesser known labels or retired ones from the 60s and 70s that don't exist anymore. Anyway, next time you drive by one, don't be afraid to take a peek, there's no shame in shopping at the thrift people! Check it out and let me know some of your finds, send it to ridesallyrideblog@gmail.com, you never know, it might be featured on the blog one day!

i always get good loot for under 15 bucks,

this monday wasnt particularly good but hey,

you cant have everything.

ciao, sal.

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