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airwaves: Selfish/Georgie Porgie - Toto, Slum Village, and Noelle (mixed by DJ Neil Armstrong)
"Its not that systematic..its just that I'm an addict for your love..."

Sunday afternoons with the gang are typically spent in a restaurant, and this passed sunday we all went to "Cheeseburger in Paradise". I've been fasting for the last 35 days(!) so i decided to take a small break and have a treat. (my best bud manny paid, love you!)
Because it was my first time at the restaurant, i went with the rastaurant classic and had deeelicious cheeseburger.
Instead of beef though I had a turkey burger on wheat, melted swiss, lettuce, tomatoes and carmelized onions.
I'm honestly most easily satisfied by the simple foods in life, and I know this is a random smidgen of a post but, that turkey burger STILL has me day dreaming and my mouth watering over it two days later....yuuuummmm

above:my delicious sunday dinner

below: young monica and i

this last one says it all

Ciao, sal.

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