i told you that

thursday was my favorite day of the week right? heres a few reasons why.

airwaves- the reeling x passion pit
so for me thursday night usually equals a night out with Dwayne and the gang. we always have a ragin' time wherever we go and last night was no exception. i'm all for different kinds of music but when it comes to dancing, alternative, house, disco, will continue to be me preference, and thats why we hit up Thursday's. yes its actually CALLED Thursdays, so you KNOW its amazing! check out this cool shots i got on my blackberry from the lights, it was an awesome night with the kids!
it's Twiggy! he made my night:)

reach out and touch somebody's...boob? sorry T! lol

Dwayne and T. my superboos

there goes my hand again...in technicolor.

i had a feelin that last night was gonna be a good night:)



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