Valentine's Day

Shmalentine's Day!

airwaves: happy valentine's day x andre 3000

it would be really wrong to say that i hate valentine's day.
its soooo unneccessary. its just another day
however, i dont really feel either way about it.
but in the spirit of it, i will suuurely spread all mah lurve around.

like a social disease:)

moving on, im browsing computers, and having a really hard time finding one
that i actually like.

i know im a PC and all but i cant find one to fall in love with.
can u help me out??

heres a list of wants:
built in camera for skyping and such
memory for all my photos/music
faaaast internet
and a right click
(macs dont have right clicks and it REALLY throws me off)
big display, 13 to 16 inches

i think thats about it....any suggestions?

help meeeeeeeeee
(itll mean more posts for youuuuuu)

happy v-day sweet thangs. talk 2 u soon

ciao, st. sally valentine


  1. girl i TOLD you to check out HP. they really do have some good stuff.....please and thank you.

  2. Hey Jill Its JaNee!
    MACS!!! That is all! You can infact have Right Click options it just take 2 extra steps! Geesh

  3. OOOOOOOOOh and also its a HP called ProBook or something like that! look into it :)


make it good.