lets dance lets shout

shake your body down to the ground!

airwaves: shake your body down x the jackson

i know RSR officially starts back on sunday but who wants to wait for that?
im a terrible blogger, i never remember to write but i DO always remember
to check up on here. maybe if i had a laptop??

so im getting one!

yes!! i love my computer but, she's really outdated, and somewhat
internetically (yes i made that up) challenged.
i mean, she's not THAT old but Phyllis isnt top tech.
not only that but i need a new camera as well
a real one, not my Nikon Coolpix but
more like the Nikon D5000.

and i need a new ipod cripes!
i spilled gatorade on Victoria and while she still functions
and all my music is still there,
i cant get her unlocked
ohhh to these "needs" that are actually wants.

but by june,

we'll make it happen:)

ciao, sal

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  1. YESSSSSS you better get a new laptop...LOL i still have your Dell Bookbag...and had your charger for a minute, then i had to let it go. Lol, but I remember that day when it got snatched and you called and told me about it. I WAS PISSED, especially since it was in my fuckin' room. But I'm glad your getting a new one. HP has some great stuff, check them out and they are quite affordable and have great customer service, turn around on repairs is about 3 days max, from my experience!


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