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okay but lets talk about this. me being an AVID Avatar:The Last Airbender fan here is am ylist of pros and cons.

1. the movie looks like it might be good, and judging from the image of the battle of the water nation and aang's first appearance in the avatar state, theyre basing it off Book 1...which means there'll be atleast THREE movies.
2. i like the sokka and katarra characters, i might learn to like aang's character as well, while he doesnt look as happy as the cartoon, he might prove me wrong lol
3. i think the concept of aang's tattoos is pretty cool, like instead of it being a blue stripe, theyre ACTUAL tattoos. good job M. Night
4. you can KINDVE see Appa in another trailer...he looks COOOOOOL!!!!
5.Dev Patel as Zuko!!!!

1. Sometimes doing cartoons in real time kinda blows me..especially when the cartoon itself is AMAZING
2.the movie looks soooo DARK. Like scary DARK. Thats not at all how the cartoon is, secondly aang looks so sinister when he's airbending, usually in the cartoon he's laughing while hes doing it
3.Uncle Iroh is not fat?? WTF!!
4.Dev Patel as Zuko! Dev. youre hot. i love you. but as ZUKO????? sooo random. and whats with the LACK of scar??? the left side of your face should almost be completely burned! come onnnnn

but all in all, i look forward to seeing it the day after my birthday:)

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